20 September 2023
«DICOTOMIA (διχοτομία)» – Industrial Research and Experimental Development Project
Targa del Progetto di Ricerca Industriale e Sviluppo Sperimentale Dicotomia

The project was born from having imagined that individual and group relationships can be, in defining the qualitative level of interactions, strongly conditioned by the intensity of the bond (consonance) existing between individuals.

Consonance, in fact, is interpreted as the primary factor, necessary and sufficient, to establish whether the participants in a finalized process, involved in various capacities in collaborative and/or competitive activities, have a greater or lesser chance of seeing increased (or decreased) the level of emotional involvement during interaction processes.

The search for a possible metric that can highlight the dynamics of growth or decline of consonance (resonance or dissonance) can be favored by a prior exploration of the factors constituting the consonance itself. The reference to studies and research, especially of a psycho-sociological nature, has allowed us to hypothesize that the primary constituents of the condition called consonance can be traced back to the value system of individuals.

It is therefore precisely the value categories rather than attributes such as: culture, social status, spatiality, age, sex, ethnicity or other, that are conditioning to substantiate the consonance. From this perspective, the project aims primarily to identify and validate a set of value attributes (value categories), suitable for representing the dimensional articulations of consonance; then, verify that the set of identified value attributes lends itself to being traced back and referred to a number of basic emotional factors (Ekman’s emotion matrix); and finally that there is a possible linear relationship between the emotions felt by a subject and the connected facing dynamic highlighted during the action.

The first phase required the preparation and processing of questionnaires. The approach adopted was the one defined in the literature as “single factor analysis”, a multivariate technique defined in a confirmatory way, to evaluate the possibility of extracting a single factor from the variables subjected to analysis, thus having at the same time an estimate of the validity of the operational definition reserved for the variable itself.

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