Description of the project

Installation in the server infrastructure of two data storage systems for the implementation of resource-intensive technologies such as Big Data engines and Machine learning.


Increase in the storage capacity of the Data Center, increase in the general performance of the infrastructure, lower latency times for reading and writing data and the possibility of any future expansion, increase in data security.



The implementation of the hardware object of the investment has allowed the connectivity upgrade between SAN and server from 10 Gbit to 40 Gbit. The disks used exclusively in the period before the intervention were a mix between SSD (12 Gbps) and SAS (10 Gps). The implementation of the new instrumentation led to the use of NVME disks (32 Gbps).

Asset financed under the Campania Regional Operational Program ERDF 2014-2020 OT 03 – OS 3.5 – Action Line 3.5.2 – CUP B57H22003000007