Connectivity, in optical fiber, on copper or radio links, with symmetrical and guaranteed ultra-wide band.

We take care of Companies of all sizes and in any sector, offering services in different areas of telecommunications, networking, Data Centres and Unified Communication & Collaboration.
The vision of the group leads our focus to consider the network and infrastructure resilience as our primary objective.
We have always chosen the best technology to offer stability and speed, to our customers.


Design and implementation of customer network infrastructure;

Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Managing, and Maintaining any type of Networking Equipment

(eg. troubleshooting end-to-end between sites, Routers and Switches management; etc);

Network processing, centralized and distributive network connection;

Network Disaster Recovery;

Contracts negotiation for hardware, software, and circuit for our customers;

Redesign customers office copper and fiber cable plant for scalability;

Managing, Maintaining, and Configuring an Internetwork with the help of WAN technologies and Routing Protocols;

Configuration and implementation of SD-WAN solutions


Uptime 99,999% – Full MPLS redundant backbone

M.A.C is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) registered in the Register of Communication Operators (ROC) and in the Regional Internet Register RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre).



Via Toppole, 3 - 83030 Manocalzati (AV)

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