10 November 2023
Innovation and minibonds
Foto M.A.C Village

In an era where innovation is redefining the financing outlook for businesses, M.A.C has gained significant recognition in the issuance of minibonds.

Minibonds, an innovative financing instrument, promises to be a targeted solution for companies not listed on the stock exchange, offering an alternative approach to access funds from interested investors.

This mechanism allows companies to access liquidity through the issuance of credit securities, thus expanding their financial resources without necessarily having to resort to conventional sources of financing.

M.A.C will allocate these funds to the renovation of its headquarters in Manocalzati. The main objective of this investment is to optimize the physical infrastructure to adapt it to the changing needs of the market, focusing on the construction of an Edge Data Center. This step, in addition to improving the company’s technological infrastructure, will allow the expansion of the service offering, which is fundamental in a context increasingly focused on digitalisation and real-time connectivity.

The recognition obtained by M.A.C for minibonds highlights not only the innovation and cutting-edge vision of the company, but also the trust and interest of investors in supporting innovative and valuable projects.

In conclusion, M.A.C’s use of minibonds represents a significant step towards the expansion and strengthening of its activities, demonstrating careful management of financial strategies and the willingness to invest in development and progress.

M.A.C highlights how innovation in the financial field can fuel ambitious projects, driving the business economy towards new horizons.

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