23 March 2018
CIE project: the training of Public Administration employees continues

The new Electronic Identity Card is now a reality for many Italian municipalities.
An ambitious project for the development and innovation of the entire country, which focuses on the training of Public Administration employees to offer citizens a quality and efficient service.
MAC Srl manages the training of internal personnel of the local authorities responsible for issuing the card throughout the country and, on the occasion of training meetings, offers the National Transplant Network the possibility of training the operators of the registry offices in the collection and registration of the will on the donation of organs and tissues, a service for the citizen foreseen by the new CIE.
We have traveled over 42,000 km, a number that gives us the size of the project if we think it is equal to the length of the equatorial circle.
A program that involved 20 specialized and certified trainers, 45 Prefectures that have hosted the training centers, 6,250 employees trained up to now for a total of 3,829 municipalities. These are the numbers of the CIE training project which sees public and private actors as actors.

From Agrigento to Aosta, from Bolzano to Lecce, from Cagliari to Trieste, our organization does not neglect anyone.

Our aim?

By August 2018, we will train over 10,000 municipal employees with the training of approximately 7,800 municipalities in Italy.

In this way, Italians will easily switch from the old identity card to the “new” one and have some MAC in their wallet.

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